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Facilities during the Everest Trek

If you are thinking of traveling to the mountain of dreams, it is crucial to know everything about it. In the series of Everest blogs, we come through to talk about facilities during the Everest trek. Let's be very clear that the facilities might not be the same as you find in your home. 

But if you are willing to experience the beauty of a lifetime, compromise is a price you have to pay. Meanwhile, Bharal Adventure one of the leading trekking agencies in the country tries to provide our trekking guests with the best of the facilities during the Everest trek. Stick with us to know more about the amenities on Everest's journey. 

  • Accommodation facilities during EBC Trek

One of the major facilities to consider while doing the Everest camp trek is the accommodation facility. With the increase in the number of tourists, the accommodation facilities are very good in the Everest region. If you are doing the trekking alone without the involvement of Bharal Adventure you will have to be careful about pre-booking. Most of the time the accommodation facility revolves around tea houses. 

Tea houses have the most basic living facilities. You will have to eat in a common kitchen which creates a bond beyond trekking as well. There are limited amounts of luxury accommodations but they are expensive at times. 

In all of the accommodation facilities, there is a charging port and electricity facility. However, you will have to pay some extra cash to get the facility. Therefore we suggest you get a power bank to save some money. 

  • Transport Facilities for Everest Region Trek

There are only two ways to reach the Everest region. The flight or helicopter service is the major way to reach the Everest region. Talking about facilities during the Everest trek in the context of transport it is top notch. During the peak trekking season the flights from Kathmandu to Lukla also get overly crowded. Not only that you will have to book in advance to get your place on the Lukla flight. Fair to say all the hassle is worth it.  Lukla is one of the most beautiful flights of Nepal. Some of the trekkers who love extra effort take a car ride from Kathmandu to Salleri and start their upclimb to the Everest region. This process takes a lot of time. In like manner, if you have limited time and want to complete the trek quicker, you can even charter a helicopter that will drop you to Everest Base Camp or Namche Bazar. This saves you plenty of time.  Lastly putting light into the transport at the trails will all depend upon your strength and stamina. There is a destined path where you have to walk to reach the Everest region. 

  • Quality of food at Everest Region

The major fuel that takes you to the top of the Everest region is the proper quality of food. In the history of Bharal Adventures, there has never been a complaint about food in the Everest region.  Taking a well-deserved break after a long walk at a teahouse does deserve hygienic and high-quality food. The same you will receive in the Everest region. The majority of the food present is Daal Bhaat, Dhido, Momo, etc. 

Western meals are also available for international tourists which makes their journey even more worthwhile. At times the price of food might look expensive but getting good quality food is a task in itself. Therefore it's worth every penny. 

  • Medical Facilities During EBC Trek

Almost every peak climbing and expedition journey isn't a child's play. You don't need to have a well-toned body but physical fitness is a must. If you are physically fit then you would require less of a medical facility during the trek.

Talking about facilities during Everest Trek it is impossible to ignore the medical aspect of it. A lot of the trekkers might not have been to the Everest region and they want to know why. But altitude sickness, headaches, and fatigue are common. 

At Namche Bazar, you will have the best facilities with experienced medical staff. They are prepared to provide medical treatment, oxygen issues, and other aspects. Self-protection is key Bharal Adventure suggests all the trekkers remain hydrated and eat a nutritious diet during the trip. 

  • Communication and Wi-Fi Facilities at Everest Region

Why are you trekking to the Everest region? Is it for using your internet and social media? Well, it is for getting yourself lost in the beauty of the Everest region. Compared to the past the communication facilities have drastically improved in the Everest region. 

Ncell the local telecommunication company has 3G services in the region as well. If you don't want to use your data, there is an option for WIFI services at the tea house too. But you will have to pay certain fees to get that service. 

  • Other facilities During the Everest Trek

In the context of other facilities the list of facilities during the Everest trek, consists of washrooms, toilets, shower facilities, etc.  These are also important for a better trekking experience. There is a presence of Western toilets in almost every teahouse. You can carry your toilet paper if you aren't comfortable with toilet paper provided by teahouses. 

In the case of shower facilities the higher you go the more use of tap and bucket is seen. There is a facility for hot showers as well at major places. But you might have to pay some extra cash for it. In the busy season though you might not be able to use the hot water service as the demand is higher and supply is low. In this case, the cold shower from the tap is always at your benefit. 

Conclusion: Facilities during the Everest Trek

The facilities during the Everest trek are far better compared to last decade. Not only that you can enjoy a lot of luxurious facilities in the Everest region. From good food to stay and communication, things are changing rapidly and positively. But all of these facilities depend mainly on the time of the trek. 

If you are planning for trekking facilities in the peak season, some of the facilities might be compromised. But don't worry Bharal Adventures has the solution. Connecting with us and booking the Everest region package will allow you to be free from all the burden of logistics and purely enjoy the tour. So what are you waiting for?


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