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Best Trekking Seasons In Nepal

When you go on a trek, you need to make sure that the climate is favorable and you get the best views of the place and region you are visiting and to ensure that you need to find out the best season for trekking in the region. Here, we provide you with four seasons of a year explaining their suitability for trekking in Nepal.

Trekking In Autumn Season (September To November) : Most Preferred

It is highly preferable and the most favorable period for trekking in Nepal. The weather is dry, stable and clear which will enable you to enjoy the affluent natural beauty of Nepal to its fullest. You can get mesmerizing views of the mighty mountains, free and wild flowing rivers, waterfalls and lush hills and forests as you travel along in a moderate temperature.

Trekking In Winter Season (December To February): Wintry

If you are not afraid of cold, winter is also an option for you to go on a trek to Nepal. The weather is dry and settled but it is very cold and chilling in the Himalayan region. If you plan to come to Nepal during this season, we recommend you not to trek to higher altitude since it is not only very cold but also almost everything is covered in snow. However, winter is good for trekking in low elevation regions and also to go on tour to the low lands of Nepal.

Trekking In Spring Seasons (March To May): Suitable

A preferable season for hiking, spring is the second-best choice for you to come on trekking in Nepal after autumn. The temperature is moderate and the environment is lush and you shall have the amazing experience of witnessing the seasonal blossoms of diverse species of flowers while trekking in the different regions of Nepal.

Trekking In Summer Season (June To August): Not So Preferred 

It is not a preferable season for trekking in Nepal because the monsoon begins with warm and moist air causing a disturbance in travel by road. Also, the sky is not clear and is cloudy with blue patches seen from the clouds. The rain, mud, slippery paths, leeches, and unclear mountain views make this season not a good choice for trekking.

However, there are positive and negative aspects of every season and when you choose a season, you do it on the basis of your suitability in terms of time and schedule. Despite the choice of season you have, Bharal Adventure offers you its services all year round.

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