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Is Nepal Safe And Suitable Going For Holidays

Because of the devastating earthquake that occurred and the concern it brought, everyone is now wondering with a question “Is Nepal Safe and suitable going for holidays ?” Nepal  is absolutely safe and suitable for travel. It has been claimed so by the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation in its press release. They has clearly assured that Nepal is Safe and suitable going for holidays, there is no need to question the safety of travel in Nepal.

The fact is the earthquake has caused very little damage since only 8 out of 75 districts in Nepal were affected by the earthquake. That too was limited to the central and western districts. Among the 10 national parks only 1 is affected. Out of 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites only 3 sites were damaged. No damage was caused to the highways and subways connecting major cities and towns. The national and international airports in Nepal which makes it safe to travel. Only 2 out of 35 major trekking routes are affected by the earthquake making trekking in Nepal safe. No burst of epidemics or viral diseases was found. The access to telephonic lines and internet is smooth and undisturbed. Many hotels and tourist destinations in Nepal are completely safe.

Since tourism is one of the major sources of economy in Nepal, the most effective way to help Nepal bounce back from the effects of the earthquake is to help the tourism industry flourish. People have resumed their regular and normal life and we have also gone back to our normal schedule and have resumed booking trips and planning treks. We organize all the treks and tours as per our itineraries ensuring the safety of our guests. For those who want to help Nepal to speedy recovery, we also provide Volunteering as your trek package. This unique blend of volunteering and trekking will give you an opportunity to help Nepal by providing short term help in reconstruction and long term help of flourishing tourism back in Nepal. Therefore the Answer to the question Is Nepal Safe and suitable going for holidays ? Is simply “YES”.

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