Bharal Adventure
Govt. Regd No: 152687 | Tourism Licence No: 2153

About Us

About Us! “Our Story”

“Any problem can be solved by facing it not by running away from it”. It’s what we are inspired by. Life is all about ups and downs. It is a fact that there will always be an option for a particular concern. Several people fail to notice it, which leads them to darkness. Giving up is never a solution to the problem. You just need to have the strength to face it you will definitely achieve your dream. Time will pay you back. It’s what always kept motivating us.

We believed that nothing is powerful than the will we have inside our hearts. Adventure is such a magical factor that very few could really feel. It’s something different than other passions. We don’t know whether Heaven exists or not but we believe in the visible heaven we find around us. And that’s nature. Hence, while moving with the madness and the thirst to explore the heaven on Earth Bharal Adventure took birth to give a damn slap to those organizations that just look for their profit rather than focusing on the customer’s satisfaction and happiness.

Several difficulties and problems were striking us hard but we never gave up as we were determined to prove the world that we are capable to let the world know Heaven really exists on Earth. After an indescribable struggle, today finally we are in this position. As a result, we have earned own respect and identity in the travel and tourism industry. The credit goes to our hard work support and trust we were able to earn through the real adventure-lovers throughout the world. In conclusion, we are thankful to all the adventure lovers throughout the world and present our gratitude to you all.

What Bharal Represent?

Bharal simply refers to a Himalayan Tahr which survives in the hardest condition in the Himalayas.

What Bharal Look For?

Customers Satisfaction is our first priority. We look for a long-term relationship. As money is important but not so important than a good relationship. Especially, we try our best to make our guests happy and hope to see a blushing smile on their faces through the core of their hearts when they leave. And I hope to hear we will meet again and again…..

Why May Bharal Be A Correct Option?

Every Company may not be the same. Some might be fraud some might really be loyal. You must have full faith that you are dealing with the right one for your effective and comfortable journey. Bharal Adventure offers you satisfying services. Your money is really important as you also may have worked really hard to earn that. We are well conscious of the hard work and struggle one must face in life. We assure you of the full justification for the sum you pay.

Is Bharal Adventure A Reliable Company?

Our company is registered as well as a licensed company by the government of Nepal and we have all the legal documents required as proof. Therefore, one must not worry while dealing with us. We are well conscious of your safety. We assure you to make the journey with us one of the memorable journeys in your life.

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