22nd September 2019



With the vision of inviting numbers of tourist in the year 2020, Nepal government has officially announced the year 2020 as the “VISIT NEPAL 2020”.This will be the big heal for the developing country like Nepal who has just suffered from the devastating earthquake that destroyed numbers of buildings and monuments and took away life of 7500 people.

With only a few months away from its beginning every sector has been focusing on the promotion of this.Every single travelers will be highly valued and it will provide a sign of relief to this developing country Nepal.

What we offer during “VISIT NEPAL 2020”

We will be offering various offers for this big announcement.As an inseparable part of Nepal Government, we also have an important role to help the government and provide quality service at affordable rate to the visitors from whole over the world.So these are the things we will be offering for this big announcement:

  • Special Discount on our every packaged tours & treks activities
  • Bharal Adventure Printed t-shirt with the logo of visit Nepal 2020
  • Duffel Bag is yours to take
  • Sleepings bag for the trek at no charge (to be returned back after the trek)

Nepal just covers the total land area of 1,47,181 sq km of land.Nepal isn’t that big as compared to other countries but the cultures,monuments and histories has made this country very rich.The birth Place of Lord Buddha,The land of world’s highest peak Mount Everest,The happiest people are only the some of things to be flashed. There are numbers of other facts which cannot be expressed only in words.Nepal is suitable for every sorts of peoples;it is suitable for the people who just want to explore the cultural monuments and the old traditional cities on the other hand it is the trekking hub for the trekkers all around the world.The numbers of trekking trails are the other important things to do in Nepal.Rafting in the fast flowing rivers,paragliding and bungee jump can be the other attractions.Bird watching,wildlife safari,kayaking can be the things of your interests as well. The lifestyle that differs from place to place will definitely attract yours eyes.

Every nook and corner of Nepal can be a place of Interest for tourist if it can be promoted. We will be looking forward for your full support in this announcement.Promotion in international media may be one of the major things to attract the number of visitors.Moreover we will request all of our fellow travellers to share this message to the world and let everybody know about this big event.



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