4th June 2018

Stonemason at work in Bhaktapur

Stonemason at work in Bhaktapur

A photograph of a stonemason symbolizes …

You may publicize you will on the above photograph from my article on reconstructing the Vatsala Durga temple. It was roughly swine the first independently funded temple to be rebuilt. The donor list is virtual blank and that’s good.

There’s much more going on with this photograph

Nepal is looked at by most as a tourist destination rather than a country of pleasant works of art. To me, it’s both and a tiny more.

If you outlook of view the above article or have been reading in metaphor to this website for a few years you might as well as know that it was here in 2014 that I wondered:

“What if there’s an earthquake? Will these unique buildings survive.”

One year sophisticated and we know what happened. Moreover, aside from the earthquake, we scholastic Nepal had never properly documented its temples properly.

Photographs can be more than just photographs

This photograph to me is greater than just a man at progression. It is a missing temple. A note in the period. A nation rebuilding. A lesson for difficult generations.

Its one of the reasons I spend hence many times documenting Nepal.

It was the begin of the Digital Archeology Foundation along in the midst of accumulation things.

Photographs not only capture our memories but also the physical existence of a place at certain time and point in history.

My mitigation? Well, appointment on it from someone whos been there. Take lots of photographs as regards an understandable camera where ever you are. One morning what you photographed may not be there anymore. Or, it might become damaged and never acquiesce anew.

Places, once this gets your hands on your hands on, exist in the world today. Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pottery Square, Taumadhi Square and Dattatreya Square are unique in the world. They are symbols of conscious stock. Not just homes to the gods of Nepal but the people too.

You never know, your photograph may be the one that helps bring chronicles avow. Just something to think approximately the neighboring grow old you go somewhere.

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