Tsum Valley Trek

Tsum Valley Trek

Trip Facts

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Manaslu Region, Nepal
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Max Elevation:
Total Duration:
19 days
Best Time:
March to May and Sep to Dec
Group Size:
Minimum 2 pax
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Tsum Valley Trek allows you to discover the secret Tibetan Buddhist land nestled at the edge of one of the most secluded Himalayan valleys. One of the world’s remotest Himalayan valleys, Tsum Valley was also a restricted region until very recently.

Tsum Valley Trek is not only an expedition accompanied and rewarded by the compelling views of the mountain peaks such as Ganesh Himal, Sringi Himal and Boudha Himal ranges but also an exploration of the rough mountain terrain, lush vegetation and forests, diverse and affluent ethnic culture, religion and lifestyle with a glimpse of Tibetan culture and way of life in the Tsum valley. The Tsum refers to the hidden basin of happiness in the local dialect. The caves in the valley used to be the meditation place for the monks.

Also, an important trade link with Tibet, very few adventure lovers has made it to this high and mysterious valley until the restriction of trekking in this area was lifted in 2008. The valley which still has many virgin lands and less beaten paths in comparison to other popular regions is also the area where the practice of polyandry is present where the brothers from one family take one woman as their wife.

Book the amazing trekking in Nepal in the name of Tsum Valley Trek with the trustworthy team of Bharal Adventure Pvt. Ltd. Your journey would be the mesmerizing mystical tale of your life.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1,300m/4,264 ft]
  • Day 02: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation in Kathmandu
  • Day 03: Drive Kathmandu to Arughat [600m/1,968 ft]: 7 – 8 hrs drive
  • Day 04: Arughat to Soti Khola [700m/2,296 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 05: Soti Khola to Maccha Khola [870m/2,952 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 06: Maccha Khola to Jagat [2,340m/7,676 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 07: Jagat to Chisopani [1,660m/5,445ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Day 08: Chisopani to Chumling [2,386m/7,827ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 09: Chumling to Chokhangparo [3,010m/9,903 ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Day 10: Chokhangparo to Nile [3,361m/11,058 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 11: Nile to Mu Gompa [3,700m/12,174 ft]: 3 hrs
  • Day 12: Sightseeing in Mu Gompa
  • Day 13: Mu Gompa to Burgi Village [3,245m/10,644 ft] via Milarepa Cave: 5 hrs
  • Day 14: Burgi Village to Chumling [2,386/7,827 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 15: Chumling to Philim (1,570m/5,103ft): 6-7 hours
  • Day 16: Philim to Khorlabesi [970m/3,182 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 17: Khorlabesi to Soti Khola [700m/2,296 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 18: Soti Khola to Arughat to Kathmandu [600m/1,968 ft]: Walk 4 hours and drive 7 – 8 hrs
  • Day 19: Farewell Friend
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Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1,300m/4,264 ft]
A representative from Bharal Adventure will greet and accompany the guest from the airport to their hotel. The guests are briefly explained about the program they will be participating on. A meeting at our office will be organized where the guests will be able to meet and interact with other participants, team leader and crew members of the expedition. In the evening, a welcome dinner will be organized to familiarize the guests with authentic Nepali cuisine.
Day 02: Sightseeing and Trek Preparation in Kathmandu
This day shall be spent on sightseeing around the cultural, spiritual and historical sites in Kathmandu including four of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that are Kathmandu Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swayambhu – The Monkey Temple, and Boudhnath. Also, finalizing of the official procedure and other necessary arrangements shall be done on this day along with providing you a briefing on the nature of expedition, equipments and team composition. Moreover, last minute shopping of the personal items needed in the Himalayas could be done during this period. In the late afternoon, the leader will check everyone’s equipment, as Kathmandu is the last opportunity to buy anything missing. You will also get introduced with fellow expedition members and guides.
Day 03: Drive Kathmandu to Arughat [600m/1,968 ft]: 7 – 8 hrs drive
Beginning our day early, we get started on our drive to Arughat enjoying the views of the Nepalese countryside and mountain backdrop. Although the drive to Dhading Bensi from Kathmandu is smooth, from there is Arughat is a rough drive. After our arrival in Arughat, we take rest for the day. A major town in the region divided into two parts with Budhi Gandaki River flowing in-between, this is our starting point for the trek.
Day 04: Arughat to Soti Khola [700m/2,296 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
Crossing the bridge over Budhi Gandaki, the trek begins from the western part of Arughat following the stone-paved street north through the bazaar. Passing through the hydro-electric power plant, fields of rice and millet, we reach Mangaltar from where we pass through the forests to reach Shanti Bazaar. Following the steep and difficult trail, we cross Arkhet Khola on a suspension bridge then descend to a high, cascading waterfall making a long steep slog up a ridge to Kuerepani from where we descend to Soti Khola where we will spend the night.
Day 05: Soti Khola to Maccha Khola [870m/2,952 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Trekking through the beautiful Sal forest, we cross bridge and climb onto a ridge above huge rapids on the Budhi Gandaki river as we come closer to Khursane, upon reaching where we start on the rocky trail weaving its way up and down the two tropical waterfalls until it goes clinging to the side of a cliff. From here, it descends down passing a few rice terraces from where it goes up around Labubesi, a Gurung village. From here, we follow the trail climbing behind a rocky outcrop where the valley opens up and the Budhi Gandaki meanders among wide gravel bars. We descend down to the sandy river bed and walk along the rounded stones before climbing over a side ridge followed by descending again to the river and crossing another suspension bridge to reach Machha Khola.
Day 06: Maccha Khola to Jagat [2,340m/7,676 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Trekking along the trail with ups and downs, we cross the Tharo Khola and arrive at Khorlabesi from where we come across a small hot spring in Tatopani after few more ascends and descends along the trail. From the hot spring, we climb over another ridge then cross the Budhi Gandaki River on a suspension bridge from where we climb on a wide, well-crafted staircase before crossing a landside and ascending over a ridge to Dobhan. We move across a suspension bridge over the Yaru Khola and climb the stone stairs before making our descend to the river and climbing again on more stone stairs to get to Tharo Bharyang (literally meaning straight stairs). From here, we cross the west bank of the Budhi Gandaki and climb over a ridge trekking along the river and then climbing towards Jagat where we will stay overnight.
Day 07: Jagat to Chisopani [1,660m/5,445ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
We complete the ACAP procedure and climb over a rocky ridge to Salleri from where we descend to Sirdibas. As the trail continues up to Ghatta Khola, the valley widens. We continue upstream to a long simple hanging bridge and climb up to Philim, a large Gurung village from where we walk further to north across a forest with the views of the narrowing valley until we reach Chisopani.
Day 08: Chisopani to Chumling [2,386m/7,827ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
We cross the gorge after Ekle Bhatti and walk for half an hour in the right side to get to a big and wonderful waterfall from where we enter into the pine forests. Descending down the trail going to Tsum Valley, we climb through pine and rhododendron forests to reach Lokpa, a small village. Passing the village, we descend for half an hour towards Lungwa Khola and climb up the zigzag and difficult trail for two more hours north to reach Ghumlung. From here, we cross the Siyar Khola and arrive at Chumling.
Day 09: Chumling to Chokhangparo [3,010m/9,903 ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
Crossing the suspension bridge onto the opposite bank, we walk past Rainjam to Serpu Khola and cross another bridge to come to Gho village. From here, another two hours climb to Tsum will take us to Chokhangparo village.
Day 10: Chokhangparo to Nile [3,361m/11,058 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
Climbing above Chokhangparo, we walk past Lamagaon crossing rope suspension bridge to Rachen Gompa which is also known as Nunnery Gompa. Making a small visit to the Gompa, we move forth to cross the Shiar Khola from where we continue walking through the well managed villages Lar, Phurbe and Pangdun. We cross the village of Chhule climbing upstream and crossing the bridge to finally reach Nile.
Day 11: Nile to Mu Gompa [3,700m/12,174 ft]: 3 hrs
Walking to the west bank of the valley through the Tibetan landscapes, we climb up to the Mu Gompa to visit the monastery and from here we also go to visit Dhephu Doma Gompa.
Day 12: Sightseeing in Mu Gompa
This day is scheduled for sightseeing of the Mu Gompa Region, where we will be visiting the largest monastery in the region, Mu Gompa which lies at the highest and most remote part of the Tsum Valley. After exploring the Gompa area, we might also trek to the base of Pika Himal (4,865m).
Day 13: Mu Gompa to Burgi Village [3,245m/10,644 ft] via Milarepa Cave: 5 hrs
Trekking back through Chhule and Phurbe on the east bank of the Shiar Khola, we reach Burgi village from where we climb up to the Milarepa’s Cave (Piren Phu) which is known for its charismatic glimpses of Poshyop Glacier, Kipu Himal and Churke Himal.
Day 14: Burgi Village to Chumling [2,386/7,827 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
We trek along the forests and beautiful landscapes descending down to Chhokang Paro again from where we go further down to Gho. Further descend from here will take us to a bridge over Sarpu Khola from where few hours trek along the lower Tsum Valley will take you to Chumling.
Day 15: Chumling to Philim (1,570m/5,103ft): 6-7 hours
Continuing the trek to Lokpa, we stop here for lunch after which we move ahead to south enjoying the gorgeous Samba Falls. After six to seven hours of trekking along the rough but beautiful trail, we arrive at Philim. A trail from Philim village takes us to Ganesh Himal Base Camp.
Day 16: Philim to Khorlabesi [970m/3,182 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
The trek to Khorlabesi via Jagat and Tatopani begins on this day. We will descend down to Sirdibas and further below until we reach Jagat, from where we descend below to reach Yaruphant. Continuing the trek to Dobhan, we move further down until we arrive at Tatopani where you can immerse yourself into the warmth of the hot spring to release the exhaustion of the trek. Walking up and down the road for few more hours will take you to Khorlabesi.
Day 17: Khorlabesi to Soti Khola [700m/2,296 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Crossing the Tharo Khola flowing in a rocky ravine, we head down again to the river and traverse to Machha Khola village from where we walk along the Budhi Gandaki River to reach Labubesi, a Gurung village. Passing the two waterfalls on a steep rocky trail on the side of a cliff, we arrive at Khursane from where the walk along the ridge above Budhi Gandaki through Sal forests will take us to Soti Khola.
Day 18: Soti Khola to Arughat to Kathmandu [600m/1,968 ft]: Walk 4 hours and drive 7 – 8 hrs
Climbing up to the ridge of Kyorpani, we descend down to the surging waterfall and trek further to reach Arkhet. Crossing the Arkhet Khola, we leave behind the Budhi Gandaki Valley and arrive at Sante Bazaar from where passing through the forests will take us to Maltar. Passing the hydroelectric plant and following the stone streets, we reach Arughat Bazaar from where we take a drive to Kathmandu. In the evening upon arrival at Kathmandu, a farewell dinner will be organized by Bharal Adventure to celebrate the successful completion of the expedition.
Day 19: Farewell Friend
On this day, you will be saying your goodbyes to the team and participants you lived your Himalayan experience with. After having breakfast and exchanging emails, photos and pleasantries, a representative from Bharal Adventure will take you to the airport approximately three hours before your scheduled flight.
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The following are what we advise you obtain in the way of equipment and gear before trekking in Nepal, and are meant to keep you mobile and comfortable in a range of expected weather conditions. Trekking gear can be rented or purchased in Kathmandu at cheaper prices, remember Nepal is the home of Mount Everest, there is plenty of choices and our staff can assist you with the necessary arrangements. Except for your day pack, all luggage will be carried by porters. There is an allowance of 33lbs/15kg per person. Additional personal items not needed for the trekking portion of the trip can be checked in the hotel’s storage room for no extra cost.


  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Head torch


  • Cotton t-shirts or thermals
  • Fleece jacket
  • Waterproof jacket
  • Down jacket


  • Lightweight cotton pants (long)
  • Waterproof pants


  • Thin inner socks
  • Thick, warm wool hiking socks
  • Comfortable hiking boots


  • Gloves


  • Sleeping bag rated to 0°C
  • Trekking bag/duffel bag
  • Large plastic bags (for keeping items dry inside trek bag)
  • Trekking poles (optional, recommended)
  • Water bottle or camel bag
  • Toiletries


Cost Includes

  • All ground transportation by private vehicles
  • 3-star hotel in Kathmandu
  • All accommodations in tents and suitable Guest Houses during the treks
  • Down jacket, 4 seasonal sleeping bag (down jacket and sleeping bag are to be returned after trip completion)
  • Welcome & farewell dinner
  • English/French/Chinese/German speaking trained and experienced local tour guide which one is your necessary
  • All porterages costs
  • All necessary paper works and permits
  • Travel & Rescue arrangements
  • Exclusive Medical Kit Bag
  • All government and local taxes if necessary
  • Bharal Adventure Kit Bag 

Cost Excludes

  • Meals not specified in the ‘Meal Inclusions’ in the itinerary’
  • Travel insurance
  • International airfare
  • Nepal entry visa: you can obtain a visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu. (a multiple-entry tourist visa good for 30 days can be obtained by paying US $ 40 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, multiple-entry tourist visas for 90 days can be obtained by paying US $ 100. Please bring 2 copies of passport-size photos.)
  • Drinks (hot and cold), snacks and other personal expenses
  • Hot shower during the trek
  • Personal trekking equipments
  • Tips and gratuities for trekking staff and drivers

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Trekking in Himalayan range can be strenuous, but with our guide, Nirajan help us every step of the way in which make the trip a complete hassle free, we are very thankful for his service and would recommend to anyone coming to Nepal for Trekking.

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