Makalu Base Camp Trek

Makalu Base Camp Trek
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Trip Facts

  • Destination:Nepal
  • Trip Grade:Moderate
  • Max Elevation:4,870m/15,978ft
  • Total Duration:22 days
  • Best Time:March to May and Sep to Dec
  • Group Size:Minimum 2 pax

An incredible opportunity to explore the high-altitude terrains, snow-clad landscapes, Himalayan flora and fauna and ethnic Himalayan lifestyle, Makalu Base Camp Trek takes you to the base of one of the highest mountains in the world. The journey is graded as moderate to strenuous. The trail is less explored therefore you are highly recommended to follow the guidelines provided by the Bharal Adventure Pvt. Ltd.

The expedition begins with a day spent in Kathmandu sightseeing the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and then proceeds on to an hour-long flight to Tumlingtar from where three to four hours drive along the rough mountain terrain takes us to Chichila, the starting point of the twenty-two days long trek amidst the mountains. Observe the diversity in the Makalu Barun Wildlife Conservation area. The place is full of the Himalayas, vegetation, and wildlife.

The lush and verdant Rhododendron forests comprise the lower reaches of the trail which ascends up towards the polished granite cliffs capped by hanging glaciers, overflowing with waterfalls characterize the Makalu Base Camp Trek. An ideal trek for avid trekkers and nature enthusiasts seeking solace and tranquillity in pristine natural habitat, this trek takes you away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is an ultimate opportunity to observe and explore the Himalayan flora and fauna in their natural habitat as you get charmed by the rich culture and tradition of the Himalayan people.

Bharal Adventure Pvt. Ltd. offers the enchanting experience filled adventure via Makalu Base Camp Trek.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1,300m/4,264 ft]
  • Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing
  • Day 03: Kathmandu – Tumlingtar – Chichira [1,980m/6,497 ft]: 50 min flight, 3 – 4 hrs drive
  • Day 04: Chichira – Num [1,560m/5,119 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 05: Num – Seduwa [1,500m/4,922 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 06: Seduwa – Tashi Gaon [2,100m/6,890 ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Day 07: Tashi Gaon – Khongma Danda [3,500m/11,483 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 08: Acclimatization/Rest at Khongma Danda
  • Day 09: Khongma Danda – Dobate : 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 10: Dobate – Yangri Kharka [3,557m/11,670 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 11: Yangri Kharka – Langmale Kharka [4,410m/14,468 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 12: Langmale Kharka – Makalu Base Camp [4,870m/15,978 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 13: Explore Makalu Base Camp
  • Day 14: Makalu Base Camp – Yangri Kharka: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 15: Yangri Kharka – Dobate: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 16: Dobate – Khongma Danda: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 17: Khongma Danda – Tashigaon: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Day 18: Tashigaon – Seduwa: 4 – 5 hrs
  • Day 19: Seduwa – Num: 5 – 6 hrs
  • Day 20: Num – Tumlingtar: 6 – 7 hrs
  • Day 21: Tumlingtar – Kathmandu: 50 min flight
  • Day 22: Final departure

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu [1,300m/4,264 ft]
Upon arrival, the representatives from Bharal Adventure will pick up the guests from Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu and drop them at their hotel for rest. An afternoon stroll and souvenir shopping around the streets of Thamel will be arranged. The guests will be served delicious Nepali cuisine as welcome dinner by Bharal Adventure.
Day 02: Kathmandu sightseeing
After breakfast, guests will set off to a guided tour to four of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kathmandu, Kathmandu Durbar Square – ancient palace of the then kings of Nepal, Hindu temple Pashupatinath, and Buddhist stupas Swayambhunath – The Monkey Temple, and Boudhanath. At noon, the pre-trip discussion will be organized where the participants could meet their team leader and crew members.
Day 03: Kathmandu – Tumlingtar – Chichira [1,980m/6,497 ft]: 50 min flight, 3 – 4 hrs drive
Just after breakfast, a flight to Tumlingtar will be boarded where upon landing, meeting with rest of the crew for the trek will be arranged. From here, a drive to Chichira will be taken where we would take rest and prepare for the trek next day in this small Gurung settlement.
Day 04: Chichira – Num [1,560m/5,119 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
After an early breakfast, we head for Num, a ridge line with great views on both sides, at a moderate pace through the picturesque villages and lush mountain forests.
Day 05: Num – Seduwa [1,500m/4,922 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Descending steeply through the forests and terraced farms will take us to Barun River from where we follow an equally steep ascent up on the other side after cross the river. We come at the entrance of Makalu Barun National Park where we register our permits and move forth to camp right at the top of the village of Seduwa.
Day 06: Seduwa – Tashi Gaon [2,100m/6,890 ft]: 4 – 5 hrs
We ascend the ridge bounded by Ipsuwa khola on the west side and Kasuwa Khola to the east side crossing the hillside through the small calm villages and paddy fields as we get to the exotic village of Tashi Gaon.
Day 07: Tashi Gaon – Khongma Danda [3,500m/11,483 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Walking on a steep trail in higher elevation ascending through forests to a stream and then a ridge, we walk further along steeper trail passing a Kharka (grazing land) and finally following a series of rough stone stairs and small lakes as we ascend to the top of the ridge from where we go short way down to Khongma Danda.
Day 08: Acclimatization/Rest at Khongma Danda
This day will be spent on acclimatization before we cross the Shipton-La the next day. For that purpose, we could explore the nearby area of the Danda as we prepare ourselves for the ascend.
Day 09: Khongma Danda – Dobate : 6 – 7 hrs
Climbing towards the summit of the Shipton-La Pass, about few hours distance from Khongma Danda, we cross Lake Kalo Pokhari at 3,930m, Keke-La at 4,170m and descend through the beautiful valley as we arrive at Dobate.
Day 10: Dobate – Yangri Kharka [3,557m/11,670 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
Passing through the rhododendron forest leading to the Barun River and the upper reaches of the valley, we walk along the steep and arduous trail which would gradually change into pleasant walk slowly gaining altitude as we arrive at Yangri Kharka nestled at the base of the valley.
Day 11: Yangri Kharka – Langmale Kharka [4,410m/14,468 ft]: 5 – 6 hrs
A moderate walk to the valley passing through lush forests, yak pastures and boulder fields with the valley walls tower above at the start of the trek will take us to Merek from where we move further up towards Langmale Kharka.
Day 12: Langmale Kharka – Makalu Base Camp [4,870m/15,978 ft]: 6 – 7 hrs
On this day, we trek to The Makalu Base Camp from Langmale Kharka going up through Shershong. The flat trail is accompanied by the icy glaciers and snowcapped mountains and as we approach the base camp, we are welcomed by the compelling views of the mighty Himalayas surrounding us from all sides.
Day 13: Explore Makalu Base Camp
On the thirteenth day of the trip, we explore the rocky barren place of The Makalu Base Camp from where we can see the magnificent south face of Makalu and the mesmerizing views of Mt. Everest and Mt. Lhotse. We could also explore the surrounding lakes, glaciers as we go for a short trek up and descend to the Base Camp to celebrate the accomplishment of the trek.
Day 14: Makalu Base Camp – Yangri Kharka: 6 – 7 hrs
Taking the last glimpse of Makalu, we descend down from the base camp before turning the corner and passing through Shershong, Langmale Kharka, Merek and descend down the valley until we get to Yangri Kharka.
Day 15: Yangri Kharka – Dobate: 6 – 7 hrs
Descending through rock falls, green forests and beautiful valley, we move towards Dobate following the river banks of Barun as we descend down the trail.
Day 16: Dobate – Khongma Danda: 5 – 6 hrs
The trek begins with a steep climb from Dobate to Mumbuk (Nambuk) through fir and rhododendron forests across the Keke-La, Tutu-La (Shiption’s Pass) and Kauma-La as we descend to Khongma Danda.
Day 17: Khongma Danda – Tashigaon: 4 – 5 hrs
Continuing the trek also the long and steep trail going down cutting through the hillsides, we pass through thick forests making our way to the indigenous Sherpa village of Tashigaon where we will spend the night before proceeding our descend further the next day.
Day 18: Tashigaon – Seduwa: 4 – 5 hrs
As we exit the Makalu Barun National Park, we retrace our steps back to the Barun River as we descend through the trail across the hillside passing through villages and settlements until we arrive at Seduwa.
Day 19: Seduwa – Num: 5 – 6 hrs
As we trek through the lush forests amidst the mountains, we descend back to Num going up and down across various dense forests and Sherpa villages on our trail.
Day 20: Num – Tumlingtar: 6 – 7 hrs
Retracing our footsteps to Chichira, we descend down from Num enjoying the views of Mt. Makalu for the last time while descending down to Tumlingtar where we will be staying overnight before we catch morning flight to Kathmandu the next day.
Day 21: Tumlingtar – Kathmandu: 50 min flight
After weeks of long trek amidst the mountains, fifty minute flight from Tumlingtar brings you back to the comfort of the hotel room in Kathmandu. A small celebration at dinner hosted by Bharal Adventure will be made to mark the end of successful journey and to exchange parting words with each other as we say farewell.
Day 22: Final departure
A representative of the Bharal Adventure will accompany you to the airport approximately three hours before your scheduled flight with which you will be bidding farewell to this Himalayan country. ndu, a representative from Nepal Himalayan Guide Team will pick us up from the airport and take us to our hotel. In the afternoon, we may take a rest or visit Nepal Himalayan Guide Team office. In the evening, there will be a welcome dinner hosted by our team. For dinner, you will be served excellent Nepalese cuisine which will introduce you to the country’s food culture. Overnight in Kathmandu.
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Please use this checklist as a guideline for getting information on the required equipment to carry on a trekking. Adjustments could be made to the list according to your needs, interest and duration and season of the trip among other factors. The variety of these gears could be hired or bought in Kathmandu. Since the majority of these gears found for sale in Kathmandu are locally manufactured, they are a lot cheaper. some gears are imported from Chinawhich of better quality.

If you have enough money, you can buy very high quality branded gears too, in some of the famous stores in Nepal. It is advised that you keep your luggage as light as possible. You extra luggage could be left back in your hotel in Kathmandu which you can claim back at your return. We normally provide one porter for two trekkers to carry the luggage and the limitation of the weight is approximately 25 kg from two people.

Please go through the checklist below to learn what equipment is you require during the trek:


  • Duffel or rucksack bag: Although Bharal Adventure will supply complimentary water and windproof duffel/kit bag, one extra big duffel bag/suitcase is necessary for non-trek items that will be left at the hotel
  • Daypack of approximately 2500 to 3000 cubic inches
  • Down jacket (in case you don’t bring one, you can borrow one from Bharal Adventure which you have to return at completion of the trek)
  • 4 seasons’ sleeping bag (you can borrow one from Bharal Adventure if you forget to bring one, although it is strongly recommended for you to bring one)


  • Sun hat or scarf
  • Light balaclava or warm fleece hat
  • Sunglasses with UV protection


  • Thin, lightweight inner socks
  • Thick, warm wool hiking socks
  • Hiking boots with spare laces
  • Camp shoes (sneakers and/or sandals)
  • Gaiters for hiking in winter


  • Lightweight gloves
  • Heavyweight gloves or mittens
  • With a waterproof shell outer

Lower body

  • Under Garments
  • Hiking shorts
  • Lightweight cotton long pants
  • Light and expedition weight thermal bottoms
  • Fleece or wool pants (seasonal)
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell pants

Upper body

  • T-shirts
  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops
  • Fleece jacket or pullover
  • Fleece Wind-Stopper jacket (Optional)
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket


  • Sleeping bag rated to zero degrees F *
  • Headlamp (e.g. Petzl Zoom) with spare bulbs and batteries
  • Small pad or combination lock-to-lock
  • Trekking Bags/Duffel bag
  • Basic First Aid Kit
  • Large plastic bags – for keeping Items dry inside trek bag
  • Daypack (approximately 2500 to 3000 cubic inches)
  • Trekking Poles
  • Water bottles
  • Toiletries (Small wash towel, Toilet papers etc)
  • Ear Plug (who know some people on group are snoring)


  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Multipurpose soap
  • Nail cutter
  • Small mirror

Personal hygiene

  • Wet wipes (baby wipes)
  • Tissue /toilet roll
  • Antibacterial hands wash


  • Binoculars
  • Reading book
  • Trail Map/Guidebook
  • Journal & Pen
  • Pencils and small notebooks

Travel game i.e., cards

Cost Includes

  • Pickups and drops from hotels and airport
  • Accommodations in a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu and teahouses during the trek
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu. All meals during the trek
  • Welcome and farewell dinners
  • Transportation on a comfortable private vehicle
  • An experienced English/French/Chinese/German-speaking trek leader (trekking guide), assistant trek leader (5 trekkers: 1 assistant guide) and Sherpa porters to carry luggage (2 trekkers:1 porter) including their salary, insurance, equipment, flight, food and lodging
  • Down jacket, four seasonal sleeping bag, Bharal Adventure Trekking duffel bag, t-shirt, cap and trekking map (down jacket and sleeping bag are to be returned after trip completion)
  • All necessary paper work and permits (National park permit, TIMS )
  • A comprehensive medical kit
  • All government and local taxes

Cost Excludes

  • Nepalese visa fee
  • Excess baggage charge(s)
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu because of early arrival, late departure, early return from mountain (due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Lunch and evening meals in Kathmandu
  • International flights
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, shower, etc.)
  • Tips for Trekking staffs and driver(s)

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Trekking in Himalayan range can be strenuous, but with our guide, Nirajan help us every step of the way in which make the trip a complete hassle free, we are very thankful for his service and would recommend to anyone coming to Nepal for Trekking.

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