Mardi Himal Trek: wonderland filled with tranquility

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Mardi Himal Base Camp
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Trip Facts

  • Destination:Annapurna Region, Nepal
  • Trip Grade:Moderate
  • Max Elevation:4500
  • Total Duration:9 days
  • Best Time:March-May
  • Group Size:2-16 pax
  • Start Point:Kande
  • End Point:Pokhara
  • Accommodation:Hotels and teahouses
  • Transportation:Private Transportation,Tourist Bus & Local Bus
  • Meals:Breakfast in city & BLD during the trek

Mardi trek is considered as gem as it’s view is amazingly mesmerizing, it lies in the Annapurna region. This wonderland is filled with immense tranquility where one can completely relax their mind, body, and soul.

Why Mardi Himal Trek is on the bucket list of trekkers?

Mardi Himal Base camp Trek often called the Mardi short trek is in the top list of trekkers wishing to do the short treks in Nepal. It lies in the Annapurna region and is quieter and less crowded in comparison to the other routes. It provides one of the best views of Himalayas in a shorter period.

Going into the beautiful forest of Mardi, the refreshing aroma of the woods will completely rejuvenate the trekkers no sooner they breathe in the fresh air. The major attraction of Mardi is to speculate on various wildlife animals and the magnificent view. The spectacular peaks are Annapurna South (7219m), Machhapuchhre (6993m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Himchuli (6441m) and Mardi Himal (5587m). The people residing at Mardi are extremely friendly and welcoming. 

Within just a short period of trekking, the trekkers will get to get to view gorgeous scenery, one can not get their eyes off the lovely scene. This trekking is feasible for every age group. The tea houses and lodges have brought a huge attraction on this site too where one can massively enjoy observing the stunning scenery while taking each sip of your tea or satisfying your tummy by watching the beauty right in front of your eyes.

Mardi Mountain’s discovery came into highlight because of the pictures taken by the Englishman Basil Good Fellow in 1953. Mt. Macchapuchre, Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Hiunchuli. Fragrant and vivid Rhododendron breathtaking views will win the hearts of all. The lifestyle of Magar and Gurung people will entertain you to the utmost too. This trek is reasonable for both solo trekkers and gathering trekkers. The astounding dawn and nightfall view will melt your heart without any doubt. If you are enthusiastic about solo trekking, at that point, you will be in love with Mardi Himal Trek. 

Trek Highlights of the Mardi Himal 

Mardi is filled with calmness and peace that completely helps to relax the visitor’s entire body, mind, and soul.  

  • Beautiful sunrise and sunset views from various viewpoints
  • Marvelous landscapes, local villages, farmlands, rice terraces, gorgeous hills and mountains
  • The aromatic and vibrant Rhododendron forests during spring
  • Spectacular views of Machhapuchhre Himal (6,993 m), Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441 m), and the Annapurna South (7,010 m).
  • Friendly homestays and warm hospitality of the locals
  • Mardi Himal Base Camp and the Mardi Himal High Camp
  • An easy tour around the great and unspoiled Annapurna region
  • Floral and faunal diversities in the region
  • The socio-culture and lifestyle of the Gurung and Magar ethnic groups.

Weather and Temperature around Mardi trail 

Weather and temperature at the Mardi Himal vary throughout the year. Trekkers will get to experience all the different four seasons. Summer/Rainy, Spring, Winter, and Autumn. Awareness of altitude sickness is good to know, however, the risk of altitude sickness is lesser here at Mardi.


The weather is perfect for the trek so is the sky clear. Trekkers will get to view the gorgeous Himalayas. Rhododendron blossoms beautifully during this season.

The temperature may increase up to 20 degrees. However, the daytime temperature is generally near to 17 degrees. One can feel the cold wind as the nights and early mornings are a bit chilly. 

Trekkers do not need to worry during this season as the weather is perfect.


June brings warmth to the Mardi Himal. The summer lasts until August. Summer in Nepal comes with heavy rainfalls.

During monsoon, the views may not be clear. Dark clouds may cover the sky, and heavy rainfalls may obstruct the mountain panorama. But if you are lucky, you will see beautiful scenery after the rain washes off the dirt.

The average temperature during monsoon ranges from 10 to 23 degrees. The temperature after rainfall during the nights and mornings drops from 5-10 degrees.

Trek during monsoon could be an ordeal as the trails inside the forests gets slippery.


Autumn at Mardi Himal brings amazingly beautiful sunrise and sunset. Monsoon clears the atmosphere and the sky too looks lovely. The mountains shine with grace. The weather remains clear and more stagnant.

Rainfall isn’t seen much. But there are chances that you may experience little rainfall while trekking in early September.

During the daytime, the temperature is around 20-degree Celsius. The night temperature is near to 5 degrees.


Winter in the Himalayas means icy cold. December-February is winter at the Mardi Himal. The weather is dry. Piles of snow cover the mountains and the trails.

During winter, the temperature drops down by 5 degrees Celsius (approx) with every 1000 meters ascent in altitude. The trekkers will feel the warmth of the sun while walking under the sun during the day time. The temperature will be around 9 to 12 degrees. The mornings and evenings are pretty cold. The temperature reaches about – 5 degrees Celsius.

One needs to prepare well for extreme cold and bad weather while traveling in winter. 

Permit requirements for Mardi Trek

The trek to the Mardi Himal Range requires trekking permits. The permits include the ACAP (Annapurna Conservation Area Project) worth USD 20. And the TIMS Card (Tourism Information Management System) worth USD 20.

Suitability of the trek for any age group and here is why.

The availability of less but neat and clean teahouses has added the richness in this trek. You don’t need to take lots of stuff so it’s a kind of easy trek you can do in the Himalayas. It is suitable for almost all levels of trekkers; regardless of age and experiences. You don’t need to worry about being a victim of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). This trek has won the heart of many trekkers. The numbers of teahouses/lodges are being increased at this route which will help trekkers to get a good tea house in the mountains. This trek can be the alternative to Annapurna Base Camp trek as you will get the view more or less the same as each other. If focuses this trek can further attract the number of trekkers visiting Mardi.

Mardi Himal Short trek with Bharal Adventure

Bharal Adventure is there at your service for since long. We have been providing tourist-friendly offers at quality service and a better price. Our flexible itinerary and the facilities we have been providing have attracted many tourists. We have been providing special offers to big groups as well. So we have been winning the heart of every level of trekkers. So please feel free to contact us, we are always there for your good.

Outline Itinerary

  • Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to your Hotel & prepare for the trek
  • Day 02: Drive to Pokhara -6/7 hrs
  • Day 03: Drive to Kande (1hr) and trek to Pothana (1,700m) - 4/5 hrs
  • Day 04: Trek to Low Camp (3,150m) - 7 hrs
  • Day 05: Trek to High Camp (3,700m) - 4 hrs
  • Day 06: Hike to Mardi Base Camp and trek down to Badal danda (3,540m) - 7 hrs
  • Day 07: Trek to Siding and Drive Back Direct to Pokhara -5 hrs
  • Day 08: Drive Pokhara-Kathmandu -6/7 hrs
  • Day 09: Fly towards your onward destination.

Additional Info

The Trekking Group

For this trek, there will be one leader, 1 assistant leader (6 trekkers:1 assistant guide) and Sherpa porters for carrying luggage  (2 trekkers:1 porters). This arrangement ensures that should anybody in the group is sick, the trip can still go ahead as planned. Our experience has led us to believe that a maximum of 12 people is an optimum number to fully enjoy a trip. However, if a traveler is interested in larger groups then that can be arranged too.


We will be accommodated in a 3-star hotel in Kathmandu and teahouses during the trek. All accommodations are on a twin-shared basis. Single supplement will be served on request and will cost an additional USD 215. Bharal Adventure will arrange rooms with attached washrooms; however, teahouses in some places only have shared washing and toilet facilities. Also, note that single rooms are readily available in Kathmandu and the trekking regions at lower elevation but it might be difficult to find them at higher elevations.


During our trek, we can enjoy authentic Nepalese food as well the more common international cuisine (Tibetan, Continental, Italian, Indian, etc.). Breakfast and dinner will be served from the teahouse or from a lodge menu where we spend the night whereas lunch will be served on the way to the next destination. All meals will be provided during trekking while only breakfast will be available in Kathmandu. There will also be welcome and farewell dinners for guests.

Leader(S) & Staff Arrangements

The most significant thing that makes this trek, enjoyable and memorable is the skilled, experienced, courteous and helpful leader(s) and the crew members with the ability of operating our days on the mountain smoothly. Our trip will be led by the best and most professional leaders. All of Bharal Adventure's leaders are carefully selected on the basis of their appropriate experience, leadership skills, and personal aptitude. With the objective of sustaining local communities, Bharal Adventure only employs local staff who have adequate knowledge about culture, ecosystem, flora, fauna, geography, and history of their local region(s). The trek and expedition leaders have undergone the following trainings:

  • Intensive Wilderness First Aid
  • Trekking Guide Training
  • Eco Trekking Workshop and Adventure Meet
  • English Language
  • Conservation and Biodiversity
  • Rock climbing, Ice Climbing, and Mountaineering (for expedition leaders)

Porter Care

Bharal Adventure is firmly committed to porter rights. We make sure that all our porters are well treated and well paid. Further, Bharal Adventure provides the level of shelter, clothing, and footwear that these harsh environments demand. Porters who become sick are treated with the same care and attention as other team members. We have previously used helicopters at the company's expense to rescue porters from dangerous situations. And for the porter's sake, all trekkers keep their luggage bag weight under 15kgs/33 pounds. We support the work of the International Porter Protection Group (IPPG), making our resources available to them to help improve the working conditions of the porters.

Environmental Concerns

The Everest Region is stunningly beautiful but equally fragile. Future generations have just as much of a right to appreciate it as much as we do.  Therefore, we believe that the tourism industry has an obligation to protect and preserve it. Bharal Adventure employs a 'zero impact' policy on the natural environment and the traditional communities that live there. Bharal Adventure, therefore, enforces a number of dos and don'ts. Please talk to your trek leader to avoid environmental impacts.

Travel Insurance

It is a condition upon joining any of Bharal Adventure's trips that all clients be insured for comprehensive expenses that might incur due to medical issues or accidents (this includes air ambulance, helicopter rescue, and treatment costs). Please note that we don't arrange or sell insurance.

Acclimatization: Overcoming Acute Mountain Sickness

This trek’s itinerary is planned with a high degree of awareness of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness). Going up at higher altitudes too fast causes a medical condition serious enough to result in death. The higher the altitude, the less oxygen will be in the air. For example, at an altitude above 5000 m, there is 50% less oxygen than at sea level. Therefore, our body needs many days to adapt to an environment with less oxygen. During this trip, we take rest in Namche Bazaar which will help us acclimatize to the high altitude.

Physical Fitness & Experience Requirements

Mardi Himal Trek is a moderate trek suitable for passionate walkers who have the ability to walk at least 6-7 hours a day with a light rucksack. On some days we might even need to walk for 7 to 8 hours. Walking in higher altitudes is more physically demanding than walking in the lower altitudes; however, if we are in excellent health with average physical fitness, have a positive attitude and strong determination, we can accomplish the trek successfully. Exercising and jogging regularly is a good idea to enhance our strength and stability. Past hiking experience would be an asset but no technical skill is required for this trip. Participants with pre-existing medical conditions such as heart, lung, and blood diseases should inform Bharal Adventure before booking the trek. We also recommend that you consult your doctor(s) before the trip.

Best Time To Travel

Spring (March to May) and Autumn (September to November) are the best months for this trip. Although this trip can be taken during winter, the cold temperature might not be suitable for everyone.

Equipment & Packing List

This list is a guideline to help you pack for your adventure. Also, understand that the items listed below will vary a little according to the season and the trek duration. Those items marked by an asterisk (*)are provided by Bharal Adventure inclusive in the service. The weight limit for your luggage is 33 pounds or 15 kg. Remember that your luggage will be carried by your porter but you are required to carry a day-pack (with your valuables or anything important) on your own. We also suggest that you pack only what is necessary.

Important documents and items

  • Valid passport, 2 extra passport size photos, airline tickets
  • Separate photocopies of passport, visa form (easily obtained at Kathmandu airport), proof of insurance
  • Dollars, pounds or Euros in cash for purchasing Nepalese visa at Kathmandu airport, for paying for restaurants and hotels, for gratuities, snacks, and to purchase your own drinks and gifts
  • Credit cards, Bank/ATM/Cash machine cards for withdrawing funds from cash machines (bring a photocopy of your cards), traveler's checks, etc.


  • Bandana or headscarf, also useful for dusty conditions
  • Warm hat that covers your ears (wool or synthetic)
  • Headlamp with extra batteries and bulbs
  • Sunglasses with UV protection
  • Prescription sunglasses (if required)

Upper Body

  • Polypropylene shirts (1 half sleeve and 2 long sleeves)
  • Light and expedition weight thermal tops
  • Fleece wind-stopper jacket or pullover
  • Waterproof (preferably breathable fabric) shell jacket
  • Down vest and/or jacket *
  • Gore-Tex jacket with hood, waterproof and breathable


  • 1 pair of lightweight poly liner gloves.
  • 1 pair of lightweight wool or fleece gloves
  • 1 pair of mittens, consists of 1 Gore-Tex over mitt matched with a very warm polar-fleece mitt liner (seasonal)

Lower Body

  • Non-cotton underwear briefs
  • 1 pair of Hiking shorts
  • 1 pair of Hiking trousers
  • 1 pair of lightweight thermal bottoms (seasonal)
  • 1 pair of fleece or woolen trousers
  • 1 pair of waterproof shell pants, breathable fabric


  • 2 pairs of thin, lightweight inner socks
  • 2 pairs of heavy poly or wool socks
  • 1 pair of Hiking boots with spare laces (sturdy soles, water-resistant, ankle support, “broken-in”)
  • 1 pair of trainers or running shoes and/or sandals
  • Cotton socks (optional)
  • Gaiters (winter only), optional, “low” ankle high version


  • 1 sleeping bag (good to -10 degrees C or 14 degrees F)*
  • Fleece sleeping bag liner (optional)

Rucksack and Travel Bags

  • 1 medium rucksack (50-70 liters/3000-4500 cubic inches, can be used for an airplane carryon)
  • 1 large duffel bag *
  • A small daypack/backpack for carrying your valuables should have good shoulder padding
  • Small padlocks for duffel-kit bags
  • 2 large waterproof rucksack covers (optional)


  • Small, personal first-aid kit. (simple and light)
  • Aspirin, first-aid tape, and plasters (Band-Aids)
  • 1 skin-blister repair kit
  • Anti-diarrhea pills
  • Anti-headache pills
  • Cough and/or cold medicine
  • Anti-altitude sickness pills: Diamox or Acetazolamide
  • Stomach antibiotic: Ciprofloxacin, etc. Do not bring sleeping pills as they are respiratory depressants.
  • Water purification tablets or water filter
  • 1 set of earplugs
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses, contact lens supplies

Practical Items

  • 1 small roll of repair tape, 1 sewing-repair kit
  • 1 cigarette lighter, 1 small box of matches
  • 1 compass or GPS(optional)
  • 1 alarm clock/watch
  • 1 digital camera with extra cards and batteries
  • large Ziplocs
  • 2 water bottles (1 liter each)
  • 1 small folding knife
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • 4 large, waterproof, disposable rubbish sacks


  • 1 medium-sized quick-drying towel
  • Toothbrush/paste (preferably biodegradable)
  • Multipurpose soap (preferably biodegradable)
  • Deodorants
  • Nail clippers
  • Face and body moisturizer
  • Female hygiene products
  • Small mirror

Personal Hygiene

  • Wet wipes (baby wipes)
  • Tissue /toilet roll
  • Anti-bacterial handwash


  • Reading book
  • Trail map/guide book
  • Journal and pen
  • iPod
  • Travel game i.e. chess, backgammon, scrabble, playing cards (to help you pass the time at teahouses and/or camps)
  • 1 modest swimsuit
  • Binoculars (optional)
  • Voltage converter (from 220 to 110)
  • Plug adapter (2 round pegs to 2 flat pegs)
  • Lightweight pillowcase (in case your teahouses provide you with pillows) or use your own stuff as a pillow

Detail Itinerary

Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu and Transfer to your Hotel & prepare for the trek

On the very first day as soon as you land on Kathmandu we (our staff) will be there at the airport to pick you up and you will be transferred to the hotel by them. After taking a rest for a couple of hours you can just move around the local market and get the stuff if you have missed any. Late in the evening after the dinner in a good restaurant presented nearby you can manage the stuff and make your bag ready for the next day.

Day 02: Drive to Pokhara -6/7 hrs

Depending upon road and weather conditions and the pressure of traffics on the way it will roughly take you 6 to 7 hours to be in Pokhara.

Day 03: Drive to Kande (1hr) and trek to Pothana (1,700m) - 4/5 hrs

After an hour's drive to Kande through Pokhara Baglung highway, we will get off the vehicle and start our trek. After hiking for like 2 t0 3 hours we will be in Pothana where we can have the lunch of the day and we continue to hike to Pothana which will roughly take like 2 hours. Today is the beginning day of our trek so it isn't that hard the trek grade is moderate. The major attractions of the day is passing through the green forest and the panoramic view of the surrounding mountains. Annapurna South (7219m), Machhapuchhre (6993m), Dhaulagiri (8167m), Himchuli (6441m) and Mardi Himal (5587m) are the major mountains that can be seen.

Day 04: Trek to Low Camp (3,150m) - 7 hrs

mountains . After a while, we start to hike to our destination. Our mission today will be at the Low Camp which will take like 7 hours. We will have our lunch at Forest Camp today. Today is a little more exciting day as we will be close to the mountains and if the weather is clear you will be able to see  Mt.Fishtail and Mardi Himal. Passing through the Rhododendron forest maybe the other exciting part of the day. Himalayan Thar, Spotted Deer, and Musk Deer can be seen if you are lucky enough. If you aren’t tired enough you can even extend your trek to Badal Danda which will take further 1 hr from Low camp from where you can have a more better view which doesn’t mean Low camp is bad either. But the thing to remember is Badal Danda has only one lodge to spend a night at.

Day 05: Trek to High Camp (3,700m) - 4 hrs

Leaving the Low camp and Badal Danda behind today we step our step forward towards high camp.The tree line will go on declining with the increasing altitude and the bushes can be seen.We may even be able to see the colourful bird “Danphe” which is also the national bird of Nepal.You may stop at several places as today you will have the most mesmerizing view of the Mt. Mardi and Mt.Fishtail.Hiking through the mardi ridge will definitely feel like you are in heaven with the amazing view of surroundings.Later in the evening you can witness  the sunset with a cup of coffee in a hand.

Day 06: Hike to Mardi Base Camp and trek down to Badal danda (3,540m) - 7 hrs

After an early morning breakfast we start to hike up to Mardi Base Camp :;our final destination of the trek.We will be at the Mardi Base Camp after 4 to 5 hours of the hike.We will spend some time to capture the memories at the Mardi Base Camp and enjoy the surroundings.If you have carries your flags that would be more better as you can wave your national flag in the Mardi Base Camp.However,we shouldn’t forget the other half of the day.From basecamp to Badal danda is a way steep down so you have to careful with that.

Day 07: Trek to Siding and Drive Back Direct to Pokhara -5 hrs

It is on the way to dawn hill But you will feel different being in Siding as you have two options whether to spend a night in local teahouse or spend a night in local homes.Homestay can be the other choice here which  you can experience in the warm welcome of the locals along with some local musics and dances in the late evening.You can be the part of this wonderful celebration. Our goal on this day will be in pokhara and enjoy a short walk on the late evening along the lakeside.It will take you like 2 to 3 hours depending upon road and weather conditions.Missing the mountains and with the strong determination to be back in the mountains we start our way towards Pokhara.You can visit the restaurant of yours choice in Pokhara and spend a relaxful nights after several days of treks.


Day 08: Drive Pokhara-Kathmandu -6/7 hrs

Depending upon road and weather conditions and the pressure of traffics on the way it will roughly takes you 6 to 7 hours to be in Kathmandu.

Day 09: Fly towards your onward destination.

We will drop you to the airport for your flight towards your onward destination.After the boarding pass with the good memories and happy face you will leave Nepal with a determination to be back in this beautiful land.


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Cost Includes

Cost Includes

  • All airport/hotel transfers
  • Two nights accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star categoryhotel in Kathmandu
  • Two nights accommodation with breakfast at a 3-star category hotel in Pokhara
  • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trek
  • Best available twin sharing lodge to lodge accommodation during the trek
  • One highly experienced, helpful and friendly guide, porters (1 porter for 2 people) and their food, accommodation, salary, equipment, and accidental insurance for all staff
  • Bharal Adventures duffel bags and t-shirts are yours to take.
  • Sleeping bag (to be returned after the completion of trekking)
  • Trekking completion certificate from the company
  • All necessary paper work and permits ( permit, TIMS )
  • A comprehensive medical kit
  • All government and local taxes


Cost Excludes

Cost Excludes

  • Nepalese visa fee
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu,Highway and Pokhara
  • Extra night accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara in case of early arrival, late departure, and early return from the mountain(due to any reason) than the scheduled itinerary
  • Travel and rescue insurance
  • Personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, extra porters, bottle or boiled water, hot and cold drinks, shower, etc.)
  • Tips for guide(s), porter(s) and driver(s)



The Annapurna Circuit with the best!

I first used Bharal Adventures three years ago when Arjun was my guide for my Everest Base camp trek. Arjun was very genuine, friendly and knowledgeable about the area and I felt very relaxed and in good hands. I adored the holiday and the beauty of the Himalayas so decided to return to Nepal again. This time to trek in the Annapurna region. I of course chose Bharal Adventures to be our tour guide company again. This again has been a fantastic experience.

The weather was unusually heavily snowy at times and meant that we had to turn around and change our plans slightly, which Arjun coped with very well. He was very flexible and accommodating and always tried his best to make us feel comfortable and enjoy our
trip to the fullest. I would recommend this company and this guide to anyone. He loves his country, its mountains and his job and it shows. A thoroughly great holiday, thank you Arjun and Bharal Adventures!

Jill Stenburge,

Amazing Annapurna – Incredible Nepal

Nothing prepares you for the Himalayas. Waking up every day to 5-mile high mountains is one of the most humbling and incredible experiences of my life. As a frequent traveller, this was my first time to Nepal, so I wanted to be sure my experience was going to match my expectations. On arrival, Arjun from Bharal was there to greet my partner and I with a smile - which he kept all week. Even when we were snowed in along the pass; walking slowly up the mountains and laying in a little too long - Arjun always made sure our needs were prioritized.

If you want a tour which is:

- Personal - Informative

- At your own pace

- Going to *the best places in Nepal

- One you will remember forever

I thoroughly recommend Arjun and Bharal. I came to Nepal as a tourist, to meet a guide and a porter. I left with 2 friends, incredible photos, lifelong memories and a promise we will return one day, with my daughter to tackle the incredible Manasalu!

Thank you Arjun! :)

Annapurna Circuit Trek
Luke James,

Amazing trek in Kanchenjunga region!

Last November I traveled to Nepal to visit the remote area of Kanchenjunga. I'm from Spain and did the Kanchenjunga circuit (North and South base camps) with my Indian friend. After many mails sent to several trekking companies based in Kathmandu we only received overpriced offers, until we finally met Arjun, the manager of Bharal Adventures, and our expectations changed immediately. He provided us with reliable information, answered all our mails quickly and carefully and made an itinerary to suit us at a very reasonable cost, exactly what we were looking for since a long time. Once in Kathmandu, his partner Bijay came to the hotel to introduce himself and give me some instructions before the trek and all the assistance I needed. The day before the departure, Arjun and Bijay invited us to have dinner at their home to offer us a warm welcome, they were really friendly. As per the trek itself, our guide had good experience in the Kanchenjunga region and managed all the situations in a solvent way. Besides, we were very lucky with the weather and could enjoy the trek with its stunning views. It was really a fantastic experience. Once the trek finished, Bijay and Arjun came to my hotel to be sure we received a good service during the trek and say goodbye. I can only recommend this trekking company to all the people traveling to Nepal. You will not be disappointed.

Hector Fernandez,
Barcelona, Spain

Unforgettable once in a lifetime experience To EBC led by Arjun & 3 amazing porters

Our journey started in 3 different cities in Malaysia, 6 travellers in all - Myself and my good friend Ray started out from Johor Bahru, Suk(the only female in our group) & Ricgen's journey started from Mallaca, the 4 of us met with See and Su in their home town of Kuala Lumpur, (KL) Malaysia. 

6 of us met in KL and departed from KL international airport for Kathmandu Nepal. where Arjun Dhakal met us at the airport and we transferred to our hotel and finalised all details for the EBC trek.
The next day we flew out to Lukla and this is where the real adventure began.
The actual trip is a story for another time all I will say is that this adventure was absolutely amazing in fact so amazing that I'm contemplating doing ABC with Arjun next year sometime.
Arjun and his team were very professional, his personable character allows for a very relaxed but very organised approach to everything during our trip.
The EBC adventure was one of the most amazing adventures I have ever experienced I would add that this trip rates equal to The Kokoda trek I completed in Papua Nuigini.
I want to express my gratitude to Arjun Dhakal and his team at Bharal adventures you were amazing and I would recommend this team to anyone interested in doing EBC

Kind Regards
& friends for life
Gavin Page

Gavin Page
Gavin Page,
South Africa

The incredible Kanchenjunga circuit with Bharal Adventure !

We were two persons intending to trek in the remote and restricted Kanchenjunga region. I am an Indian and was with a Spanish friend. After not getting positive responses from various organizations or getting quoted very high prices, we landed on Bharal Adventure. And it was a great experience right from the beginning. The extremely polite Arjun answered all of our queries patiently, tailored the itinerary according to our requirements and finally helped us with a knowledgeable guide for this 22 day trek. And when everything was done at a reasonable cost, we couldn't ask for more. The superb weather and views during the trek added to everything and the overall experience was fantastic. Highly recommended for all your adventures in Nepal !
Sandeep Bhat,

Everest Base Camp Hike 26/11 – 6/12

Going to the Everest Base Camp was once an impossible dream to achieve. 
With Bharal Edventure, the impossible dream comes to a reality. Mr Suraj, our guides, Ganesh and friends who made it possible for me to reach the EBC. I would not be able to go through the tough journey with extreme environments without their help and encouragement. 

Thank you very much for the hospitality given by Bharal Adventure especially Mr Suraj and Mr Arjun. Thank you so much for making this once impossible dream become possible. This is truly the most valuable experience I ever have.

Zaiton A,

Annapurna Base Camp Trek

Lead by arjun and 7 porters to bring 14 of us to amazing journey to annapurna base camp. Very friendly and helpful. Received first class services from them and the porters also friendly and hardworking.Sure to look back for them for the next trip to nepal.
Fadhly Suhaimi
Fadhly Suhaimi,

Everest Base Camp Trek Dec- 24 – Jan 05 2019

Da jeg rejste alene, var det vigtigt for mig, at få afklaret alle spørgsmål. Arjun var meget behlælpelig og tålmodig med at besvare alle mine spørgsmål inden trekket. Selve turen var en super oplevelse. Deepak var vores guide. Han er en meget sympatisk, sjov og hjælpsom ung mand, der hele turen havde god føling med, hvordan det gik undervejs. Vi havde mange gode snakke om hvordan livet er i Nepal, for tidligere generationer op til i dag.
Det var en fantastisk oplevelse.
Tak for det :-)

Brigitte Utzon
Brigitte Utzon,

Atemberaubend und immer wieder schn

Everest view Trek mit schnen Aussichten und einem Guide, der auf alles achtet. Ich crate immer wieder in Nepal , nur habe ich mich in solche Hhen noch nie getraut. Es braucht schon etwas Vorbereitung , denn man muss fit sein fr thus ein Vorhaben. Schon allein der Flug nach Lukla ist ein Abenteuer fr sich . Man sieht Berge und Menschen , die mit wenigen Worten nicht zu beschreiben sind . Mit Suman act ich auf einen wunderschnen Weg unterwegs .Jedes mal, wenn er merkte, dass ich an meine Grenzen gekommen box, wurde erst mal eine kleine Rast eingelegt, in view of that dass ich mich immer wohl und gut aufgehoben gefhlt habe. So konnte ich den ganzen Weg geniessen. Vor allem suit ich sehr fasziniert, wie die Menschen da oben leben und wie herzlich sie doch sind. Der Weg alleine, ist mit all seinen Aussichten und seiner Geschichte , diese Reise wert. Noch einmal vielen Dank fr die liebe Beratung und einen Freund, der mir immer zur Seite gestanden hat.


Solo travelers welcome!

I went to Nepal on a 9-day trek in the Langtang region a couple years ago. I was traveling on my own so I really appreciated to be with a trustworthy and friendly guide Sujan. I would definitely recommend his agency and would like to go back myself!


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