Bijay Adhikari

Bijay was grown up in the beautiful kathmandu valley  and right now he is living in Perth Southern Australia. After completion of his higher studies now he has joined Bharal Adventure. Education is the most important thing in the world and it’s a fact. Education has no ending. Education is the largest and the greatest mystery in the Universe. Education has been a bone marrow for the existence of life. How can the education be achieved? By studying? Studying- Going to school or colleges, preparing whole year for the final examination and passing it with nice marks. Really!  Sun rises through the East and it’s a fact. Likewise Education is the greatest mystery to solve is also a fact.

Education exists everywhere in the world. What will you do if you got something like that which would never extinct? Probably that would be the most precious thing in the world right? And so is education. In other words, Education is a lesson. A lesson is hidden in everything. Defining it everything has a moral. And the moral you get is education. So every living being in the Earth is in the field and has already started the marathon. With this fact, Bijay is in the same marathon and is in search of collection of lessons of life. He is well conscious about this fact and has set his target and is in process of it through the help of his passion in Adventure. He is interested in gathering the new facts, going to new places and making new friends and sharing the experiences. He is an excellent blogger and has joined Bharal adventure and now is also a travel planner for Bharal Adventure. He enjoys his passion for travelling to new destinations. With the support of his family, relatives and friends Bijay is determined with an important lesson “Everything is possible, there’s a solution for every problem and you can get the solution by facing it rather running away through it.”

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