26th July 2019

Island Peak Climbing In Nepal

Peak climbing is the dream of many people across the world who have a keen interest in mountains and mountaineering activities. Talking particularly about Nepal we have around 1000 small and big peaks and it’s a hard thing to decide which one to go with and which one to climb for many. Among those many, in this blog, we are talking about one of the most popular peak” Island Peak, ” which people have been climbing very frequently and they have succeeded too.

What to look before choosing any Peaks:

Before choosing any peaks for climbing you have to consider many things out of which safety is the main thing. The first and foremost thing is you have to think about your safety which may include many things like; is it safe for your health,how hard is the climbing,are there climbing guides available on your time of climbing,are the guides used to the same peaks you are climbing,are there chances of rescue if anything goes wrong any many others on which you have to consider. The other things are will you be able to have a beautiful view after the hardest climb and similar to this.

Why Island Peak should be on your Bucket List:Island Peak Climb: Top View

Well, Island Peak Climbing has been the bucket list for many mountain lovers, trekkers and hikers for many years. There must be something in this fact. We are disclosing all these facts to the best from our side in this Blog. We are here in the conclusion from our own experiences, the references from various departments and our associate branches. Well following are the major reasons for choosing Island Peak by 80% of the peak climbers who are here in this land of Himalayas for peak climbing:

  • The mesmerizing view of Everest (8848 m) and Lhotse (8516m) that can be seen from the top of Island Peak
  • Less expensive in comparison to other peak climbing in Nepal
  • Suitable for almost every age group of climbers.
  • Experienced guides that are available for climbing
  • Near to the Everest base camp, it means you can witness the Everest base camp for the first time then join to climb the Island peak.

Best Months to climb Island Peak:

Island peak can be submitted any time rather than the time between mid-June to August. But if you are a beginner and seeking the best time for peak climbing then the best time to be is  (March to May) and (September to November). But it can be submitted at any time if you are used to climbing. So, after all, it’s time to plan for peak climbing in Nepal and Island peak can be your best option so it’s time to plan and make your mission to Nepal for peak climbing in Nepal.

You can visit our official site on this link for Island Peak climbing with the Everest Base Camp


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