16th November 2017

How hard is it to walk to Everest

How hard is it to walk to Everest? It is probably one of the frequently asked questions by those who have a flair for being on the top of the world – Mt. Everest. People have a wrong conception that climbing up to the Everest Base Camp is really very tough. People have to walk a lot through rocky paths, isolated sections, etc and etc. But here, we want to enlighten you about how difficult it actually is to climb up to Everest.

To climb up to the Everest, the only difficulty one faces is to adapt with the rising elevation. As we move up, the oxygen level in the air goes down. Therefore, it is up to us how our body adjusts with the rising elevation and thinness in the air. For someone, it can be fatal whereas, for someone with enough acclimatization, it can be an easy way up there. Another challenge that one can face is the cold climate. As you reach the top, the temperature will go down and it’s really very freezing. If you can sustain the cold, then yes, you can accomplish your walk to Everest.

Talking about the trail, the trail is one of the most frequented one. Therefore, the trail is fairly well marked and has a lot of lodges and guesthouses stalled on the way. You can see lodges from luxurious to a simple one. As the local people run the lodges, you can also find the route quite crowded with local people. Hence, it’s nothing like isolation and tough path. As you are walking up to the heights of eight thousand, you have to climb up through undulating paths but it is nothing impossible. You just have to climb! And climb in a real sense doesn’t mean you will need ropes and crampons to move ahead. You will have to walk up gradually through the rising section of the trail.

Nevertheless, one cannot neglect the wild and merciless face of mountains. In the past, there have been many avalanches that have led to the loss of lives. But what is an adventure if there is no risk?

Difficult aspect of climbing up to Everest

  • As you go up air is very thin and the level of oxygen goes down
  • You have to walk continuously for around six-seven hours per day during the trek.
  • It’s very cold out there! Freezing cold!
  • The unexpected circumstances can occur at any time!

Easy aspects of climbing up to Everest

  • It is most frequented trekking trail, therefore, the path is well marked
  • There are most comfortable and luxurious lodges to cater your needs for food and accommodation.
  • There are also few shops stalled that can cater your need for personal necessities.
  • The trail has facilities like electricity, telecommunication, and wifi,
  • The trail is crowded by fellow travelers and local people, therefore, you will not feel isolated or deserted.

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