Flight delays and cancellation in Nepal

Most often the only reason for flight delays and cancellations in Nepal is its climatic variability in the difficult terrain. Heavy rain, high winds and blinding fog are some of the causes of flight delays or cancellation especially during the winter and rainy seasons in Nepal. Since Tribhuvan International Airport lacks the Instrumental Landing System for domestic flights, the flights have to be cancelled during the adverse weather conditions for the safety of the air passengers.

It is mid January to the end of the February that is considered as the bad time for all domestic air carriers in Nepal since there are more delays and even cancellation in the flights schedule. Moreover, monsoon flights are also not guaranteed because of heavy rain which might sometime lead to delay or cancellation. However, regular flight schedules are maintained and operated without much disturbance during summer and spring seasons.

Flight delays and cancellation causes much trouble in tourism industry since many tourists get dishearten due to the delays and cancellation when they are in Nepal. It disturbs their planned schedule which might result in them having to stay stuck in one place rather than enjoy their holiday. Although flights to Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini and some other tourist places could be opted by the road transport, there is no alternative route to Lukla, the gateway to Mount Everest, if the flight cancels. The geographical location of Lukla airport is such that it is often dangerous to land or take off flights in cloudy or foggy weather. Therefore, we recommend you to have an extra day in your schedule while planning to travel to Nepal.

If you do not have an extra day, we could charter a helicopter for you to ensure your trip goes as scheduled and the bill of the charter service will be provided to you later. You can claim the amount from your travel insurance company.

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