16th January 2019

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide for 2019/2020

Everest Base Camp Trek Guide for 2019/2020

Hello and Namaste this is Bharal Adventure with another more adventurous blog. This topic for our blog would be Everest Base Camp Trek Guide for 2019/2020.

Day by day several adventure lovers are getting attracted to our country due to several amazing Himalayas. As Mount Everest is the tallest Mountain with the elevation of 8848 m. Everest Base Camp Trek has been the trek which allows you to experience the feeling to be in the base camp of the top of the World. Well, several people in the world get cheated by several operators. Bharal Adventure brings you this amazing package as your time and budget. There are definitely lots of things you must know about before going for Everest Base Camp Trek for 2019/2020. We hope you will find some help through our Everest Base Camp Trek – Guide 2019/2020.

How long is Everest Base Camp Trek?

Well, normally the trek can be completed in 14 days. Those who don’t have enough time can also complete the trek in around 10-12 days. So, you must by discuss with the operators, you are choosing.

How hard is Everest Base Camp Trek?

The grade is separated as moderate one as the trek is neither hard nor easy. A normally fit person can complete the trek easily. “Where the will there’s the way” so you just have to have that passion of adventure. We have some amazing success stories like, 60 year old Man and women reaching completing the trek easily.

How much does Everest Base Camp Trek cost normally?

Everest Base Camp Trek can be done with the minimum budget of 1000 $ per person if you are 2 pax. The cost for Lukla flight, Guide and porter salary and Rooms has increased highly that’s the reason this trek seems quite expensive. The package is flexible according to your need and budget. Make sure you enjoy the journey at the fullest. Money is a transferable substance. It will come tomorrow but this time and opportunity will never come back once it’s passed.

Bharal Adventure always seeks for client’s satisfaction. We believe in good and long term relationship rather than some profit. We offer you this amazing package in a reasonable cost. Therefore,  We assure you best hospitality and Quality services. We hope Everest Base Camp Trek Guide for 2019/2020 has helped you out someway. 

Get your Everest Base Camp Trek Package here.


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