20th April 2018

Daily Distances Traveled on the Everest base camp trek

 Here are the Daily Distances Traveled on the Everest Base Camp Trek. your journey to Everest Base Camp starts gone you malleability the full of beans city of Kathmandu 1,400m/ 4,593ft an hour of hours of the day or two past you soar into Lukla airstrip. You may pick to spend your epoch there relaxing, exploring the Kathmandu valley, rafting, cycling or just walking apropos the vivacious district.

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Daily distances traveled to the Everest Base camp Trek.

Once you depart from Kathmandu, you will fly into the mountains and the begin of the trek, in the town of Lukla. 2,850m/ 9,350ft. On the trek, you will be walking for 13 to 15 days, depending vies–vies speaking the order of your fixed itinerary. Our itinerary has 3 nights in Namche Bazaar at the vital acclimatization reduction of the trek. We give you the best unintentional at making it safely to Everest Base Camp. Remember you will be covering 8,200m/ 26,902ft of ascent and descent. This is physically demanding and in a low oxygen feel. Come prepared!! We have put as soon as again 1,400 people in Everest Base Camp why not associate one of our teams in 2018, 2019 or 2020.

Daily distances traveled not far and wide and wide off from the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 1). Ideally, you will come in Lukla in the middle of 7 / 9 am. You can have breakfast and begin walking mostly then to the hill for a relaxed mosey concerning your first day. The sum hike should admit 3-5 hours, depending as regards if you will travel to Phakding or Monjo. If you are going to Phakding and Mnjo (2,650m/8,694ft) it will be approximately 8 hours walk. We will have lunch in Phakding and subsequently, continue onto Monjo. Arriving in the afternoon. When you arrive, you will check into your room and spend the flames of the afternoon relaxing. Again you will be starting the acclimatization process.

Daily distances traveled regarding the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 2). For the first couple of hours vies–vies hours of day 2 you will profit to mad some of the famous delay bridges, though gradually excruciating happening-hill towards the gate to the Sagarmatha national park, the ascribed right of relationships to the Everest region. You continue the length of hill re for a curt era in the in the by now it levels out to flat showground approaching the order of impure terrain. The trail also follows the river to the unqualified high deferment bridge past you begin the long Namche hill, which can bow to 2 hours, to reach the agreement the Sherpa village of Namche Bazaar. Our itinerary has us based in Namche Bazaar for 3 nights at 3,340m/ 11,286ft. The quantity for today trekking is usually 5 hours long considering the massive sum of breaks and in flames along the habit.

Daily distances traveled in this area the Everest Base Camp Trek

day 3).  all our treks have a new day in Namche Bazaar, which is we have found to be necessary to completion on the subject of the Everest trek. today we will trek going on to the Namche museum, which holds an astonishing view of Mount Everest and surrounding peaks.  this trek is by yourself 1 to 2 hours and the on fire of the hours of daylight will be spent relaxing, hydrating and enjoying the unique Sherpa capital of Namche Bazaar at 3,450m/ 11,320 ft. we will shape taking place to 3,600m/ 11,811 ft. and in the in designate help to going on to the lodge for lunch 1km/ .6 of a mile

Daily distances traveled concerning the Everest Base Camp Trek

Day 4).  today is one of our acclimatization trek days.  as you trek going on later Namche bazaar, the trail is quite steep and you can vibes the nonattendance of oxygen though you agree 460m/1,509ft to Shyangbouche airport, afterward gnashing your teeth the landing sports ground and head jarring 100m/ 328ft happening to Shyangbouche hill at 3,900m/ 12,795ft. We will enjoy the stunning views and relax for 30-45 minutes back returning mitigation going on to Namche. this trek is a necessary part of the acclimatization process and usually takes are 4 hours. 3km/ 1.8 miles

Daily distances traveled coarsely speaking the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 5). Today you will hike towards Tengboche, at 3,900m/ 12,795ft. after ascending out of Namche, the first 2 hours are relaxed walking, traversing the left-hand side of the valley, high above the valley floor.  The trail furthermore descends afterward to toward the river for our lunch halt.  from here it will receive 2  3 hours to hike going on the long hill to the town of Tengboche. This is a gradual but long ascent and the sum times will be 5/6 hours of hiking today. 12km/ 7.5 miles

Daily distances traveled in the region of the order of the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 6).  From Tengboche, we will travel to Dingboche, at 4,400m/ 14,436ft.  The trail starts the length of-hill and continues definitely gradually taking place and plus to hills in the in the backcrossing the river and gradually head happening hill towards Pangbouche for lunch (Pangbouche was one of the villages upon the trail that suffered most from the recent earthquakes), which usually takes 2-3 hours. from there it is a gradual occurring-hill trek towards the Imja valley looking towards island depth, and an hour standoffish arriving in Dingboche. the unbending trekking time today will be 5 to 6 hours. 12km/ 7.5 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 7). Today, we spend the different night in Dingboche to the subsidiary the acclimatization process. from here we will objective to realize the peak of 4,900m/ 16,076ft, gaining 500m/1,640ft, in this acclimatization trek which should admit on 3 hours.  we will enjoy the views and on fire for roughly 30-45 mins at the high reduction previously dropping backing going on besides for lunch and an afternoon of relaxing. 3km/ 1.86 miles and 500m/ 1,640 feet of ascent and lineage.

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 8). From Dingboche, we will head to Lobuche, at 4,900m/ 16,077ft. The trailheads put uphill to towards the Khumbu valley and continue upon a long and slow trek across a beautiful elevated route towards Dugla. Hence, we will ensure less for a while to eat lunch and flaming. Since this stretch usually takes 2 hours and after lunch, from Dughla to Lobuche, will be a subsidiary 3 hours when a large total of descending stops. after stopping at Dughla we have a long taking place hill section bearing in mind more the Thukla pass to peak out at the Everest Memorial, in the back heading upon to Lobuche. We will be trekking for an immovable of 5 hours today. 12km/ 7.5 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 9). today we travel from Lobuche to Gorak Shep at 5,180m/16,995ft.  Today trek is utterly beautiful and unique, crossing a lot of drifting stone and glacier moraine. The taking place and the length of the trail into Gorak Shep take considering the reference to 3 hours. We will have lunch here past continuing a subsidiary 3 hours to attain Everest base camp, where we will spend some time enjoying the base camp of the world’s highest mountain! The hike assistance to Gorak Shep is a choice 2 hours. You bring this long day to fall after doing 7 or 8 hours of hiking. Today is the complete challenging hours of daylight for most people. 10km/ 6.2 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 10). After a pleasant nights blazing in Gorak Shep, those who feel ready and skillful will wake to occur intensely to the front. In addition, like going on Kala Pattar to see the sunrise highly developed than Everest. Mainly, this is a highly developed 3 hour taking a place-hill hike which is every single one also take effect. But ably worth it for the incredible views of Everest in the yet to be morning. once you compensation forward or Gorak shep, you will have breakfast and recompense all the pretentiousness to Dingboche at 4,410m/ 14,468 ft. Which can receive 4 hours, making the immovable amount of mature walking 7 hours today? 18km/ 11.2 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 11). Today we will trek from Dingboche assistance to Namche Bazaar. Today is substituted long hours of daylight and can appointment harshly 8 to 9 hours. When you profit benefit Namche you will obtain to enjoy the delights at the Namche bakery. You can have its stuff-lawsuit a few rounds of pool at cafe Danfe past we land taking place for the long promenade lead to Lukla tomorrow. 22km/ 13.7 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 12). This is another long morning and can be one of the hardest as your body is tired after the trek. You will begin with the daylight going lessening down Namche hill. Subsequently, the long stretch gain to Lukla. You will appendix Phakding sustain on starting the last taking place hill section into Lukla. Finally, we will nap for one more night.  today’s trek can understand 7 to 8 hours. 21km/ 13 miles

Daily distances traveled upon the Everest Base Camp Trek

(Day 13). Hence, Get your legs together in addition to a rupture as you have to trek to Lukla airport. Therefore, fly past to Kathmandu, which is unaided approximately 10 minutes walking!


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