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International Mt. Everest Day 2021

Hello and Warmest greetings via Bharal Adventure travel and tours. On this huge occasion i.e International Mt Everest Day 2021, Bharal Adventure Team would like to wish you all a peaceful and happy life.  Mt. Everest Day celebration has been a huge event for the advancement of Nepal’s Tourism industry. Celebrations apart we urge everyone to maintain social distance and have the proper precautions during this pandemic. Bharal Adventure family wishes you all good health and life ahead.

Mount Everest being the tallest mountain in the world, this day is celebrated on May 29 each year worldwide. The latest elevation of Mount Everest is 8848.86m/ 29,031.7 ft according to the Nepal and China Authorities. This day is seen in the memory of the main culmination of Mount Everest by New Zealand’s Sir Edmund Hillary and Nepal’s Tenzin Norgay Sherpa that occurred on May 29, 1953. They climbed Mount Everest on this day.

In 2008, Nepal chose to notice the day as Worldwide Everest Day after Sir Edmund Hillary passed on as they were the main people to scale the stature of Mount Everest. Due to pandemic, the celebrations done in a proper and systematic way. Bharal Adventure is continuously preparing programs and plans to be implemented as soon as the pandemic ends so that the tourism industry in Nepal can sustain after this huge break. You can contact us directly to help the Covid patients and those who are in need. We are providing support to several people and organizations if you also want to help them out then please do contact us. We believe all the adventure lovers will be a part of it to bring back the tourism industry up to the mark again.

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