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Being an adventure lover is not so easy. Until and unless you dive into this ocean and feel the passion through your heart then you will know its depth. Adventure is such an amazing passion which is unique and something magical in comparison to others in our point of view. So, You will realize the worth of life. The connection we have with nature will definitely flash out in your mind, heart, as well as soul. Satisfaction is the only key we can keep ourselves happy. However, being an adventure lover I feel it in an adventure. Since several adventure lover’s are still there throughout the world who knows what their soul wants. Several people are still wondering for the Best trekking company in Nepal. So, We are grateful enough Nepal is where Bharal Adventure was born to help adventure lovers achieve soul satisfaction.

Since, We offer varieties of the travel activities. So, Nepal Trekking packages at Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu region. We also offer off the beaten paths are major trekking adventure packages. We offer several expeditions as well as peak climbing too. Nevertheless, the birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Tour, UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITES tour, volunteer tour, homestay tour and adventure tours, the helicopter tour as well as luxury tour packages are our attractions. Finally, We organize professionally ensuring great services. Therefore, Most of all itineraries and Packages are created after years of research by the team of Bharal Adventure.

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Bharal Adventure welcomes travelers across the globe to this magnificent Himalayan country . Nepal is full of majestic wonders of Mother Nature as well as splendid diversified culture. So, Nepal is blessed by the three climatic and geographical belts. So, Nepal is an ideal place for the quintessential holiday. Go for the Nepal trekking or Tour in Nepal, you will get the plethora of the activities to do in Nepal. However, we assure you best hospitality and quality of services. Bharal Adventure Team is full of expert Team. Hence, our team contains experienced Mountain Leaders, Experienced Climbers and leaders, Local Guides and highly trained crews. Therefore, deal your upcoming journey with the reliable one. Finally, enjoy every moment and feel what you have never felt before.

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