Our Team

Always striving to deliver top quality trekking services to make your experience in the Himalayas an exciting and memorable holiday, we are the group of guides committed to giving you the experience of a lifetime. Our team of professional, forward-thinking trekking experts is the perfect companion you would ask for to guide you in this Himalayan country. We not only fulfill your dream and inspiration of scaling some of the highest peaks of the world nestled in Nepal but also give you an opportunity to explore, observe, learn and experience the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country.

Along with making the affluent natural and cultural diversity of Nepal known to the world, our team also believes in its conservation and preservation. Our romantic, cheerful and jolly team members will not be irritated rather pleased to answer all your queries about the mysterious Himalayan terrain, secrets of the Himalayas and diverse mountain culture as you make your way into the adventurous land of Himalayas.

Sanduk Dorje Tamang

Nirajan Manandhar

Khil Bahadur Simkhada

Arjun Dhakal

Sujan Manandhar